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When you create films of the caliber we do, one would expect them to cost a lot of money. A lot. But through technology and vision, we have found new ways to make exceptional films for less.

We continue to innovate as we begin production on our next movie, a faithful adaptation of Johanna Spyri's beloved children's novel, HEIDI. We'll use stock footage and visual effects like green screen and sky replacement to avoid the expense of taking our film crew all the way to the Swiss Alps. We won't compromise, though. Audiences will never know we weren't there.

And while there have been a few unfaithful adaptations on television over the years, there hasn't been a HEIDI film on the American big screen in 80 years! So audiences are hungry for this kind of wholesome, beloved story.

We invite you to watch our "Something Big" support trailer below to see how you can become a producer and make this film happen. It will cost waaaay less than you think! So jump on board. Kick Start HEIDI with as little as $10 by visiting our Something Big web page. Thank you!!!

Got questions on other ways you might be able to help? Let us know by emailing us at:

Sisters in Distribution Phase

A huge THANK YOU to those who supported and made Sisters the fine film that it is. Sisters has won over 30 film festival awards, and we will continue to submit the film to festivals around the country through Spring of 2017. If you'd like to purchase a DVD or Blu-ray or follow the film's success, please visit:

If you are distributor of theatrical and/or online streaming films and would like to speak with the Producer, please feel free to contact us at 800-979-2420 or via email: . Thank you.

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